Horrible accident on M5 today

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Horrible accident on M5 today

while traveling to view the marea we just passed the kidderminster junction, i was in the middle lane about 2/3 cars back from a lorry carrying steel cabling, in the outside lane a golf passes.

before i relise whats happening i see one og the motorway lamposts FALL into the other side of the motorway! i didnt see it take out any cars but my god!

next thing i'm hammering the brakes and swirving into the inside lane as theres tones of debris all over the motorway, i see

the golf totalled into the crash barrier looked like he was inbetween them both, the lampost slaps the ground on the other side of the motorway!

the gold is completely crumpled and i couldnt see anyone in the car, my mum says she saw the driver consious.

after getting past the debris 2 lorries are parked on the hard shoulder the first a normal lorry as youd expect it, must of stopped to help, the next was the lorry carrying the steel cabling!

it didnt really hit me what had actually happened uptill a few miles later, had to stop at the services it was really scary to think i could have been in the middle of a serious pile up, it all happened so fast i cant belive no one else was cought up in it.

do hope the driver of the golf and any passengers if in the car are okay.


Ex Marea Turbo GTi-R owner & BMW Z4 3.0

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Category: Accident

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