Accident Management


Accident Management is the management of any situation arising out of a motoring accident involving a company’s vehicle and its driver.

If you run a fleet of vehicles and one is involved in an accident, it is essential that any off-road time is kept to an absolute minimum.

After all, a delay in repair is bound to have a negative impact on the productivity of your drivers and consequently the profitability of your business. In short, your business depends upon the smooth and safe operation of your vehicle fleet.

Accident Management Services

Having to deal with accidents in-house is not only costly, financially and operationally, but it can cause hours of disruption, and extra administration for a business. So it may be better to use an Accident Management specialist.

A good Accident Management company

should be able to provide the following services:-

  • A fast hassle-free incident reporting service which includes insurer notification
  • Prompt collection and repair of the vehicle by an approved repairer
  • Monitoring negotiations and correspondence with the insurance companies
  • 24 hour / 365 day support
  • Mobile repairs for minor accident damage
  • On-line registration and claims tracking
  • A like-for-like replacement vehicle or courtesy car
  • Free vehicle collection and delivery
  • Full reporting, helping to identify trends to minimise future insurance premiums

So, by utilizing Accident Management you can minimize downtime, significantly reduce administration and eliminate the hassle involved in an accident, leaving you more time to do what you do best – run your business.


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