Fatal accident shuts down the 401 for nearly five hours

“It was completely stopped, there’s nobody moving”, traffic spotter Charlene

Eric Drozd - 570 News Mar 7, 2012 10:41:12 PM

A fatal pedestrian-vehicle collision on the eastbound 401 had the highway shut down for over four and a half hours yesterday afternoon.

The unfortunate accident happened just before 1pm in the eastbound lanes of the 401 at Highway 8. That shut the 401 down at Highway 8, as well Highway 8 was shut down at Sportsworld Drive.

Commander of the Cambridge OPP detachment, John Mraud says a woman was hit, “A female went onto the highway and got struck by a transport truck, that caused a chain reaction with a cube van that struck the back of that truck. A a result of the collision the female has been killed.”

Thousands of commuters were in gridlock as police diverted motorists off the 401 and Highway 8, “It was completely stopped, there’s nobody moving”, said Charlene who was

travelling in the opposite direction.

As Mraud stated at the end of the video clip – he understood everyone’s frustration, and… “Our goal is to get it reopened as soon as possible without compromising the integrity of the investigation.”

Many callers to the 570Newsroom said the roads were the worst they have seen them. Charlene chuckled and said it took her an hour to get to the highway, “And I work on Cherry Blossom and it took me an hour to get to the highway.” Some callers even said they saw people walking around on the 401 and Highway 8 after not moving for hours.

“It’s so important that we do a proper and thorough investigation so we can help bring some closure to the woman’s family”, said Marud, later thanking commuters for their patience, “I appreciate everyone’s patience out here, I know we’re really pushing with the time.”

Both the 401 and Highway 8 reopened just after 5:30pm.

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