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There are more miles of Interstate 81 in Virginia than in any other state. This bustling multi-lane highway runs through 846 miles of Virginia's diverse country beginning at the Tennessee border and ending at the West Virginia border. All along it's length, US Highway 11 runs beside it.

I-81 connects a number of Virginia's towns and cities. Specifically, Interstate 81 connects Bristol, Abingdon, Marion, Wytheville, Radford, Christiansburg, Salem, Roanoke, Lexington, Staunton, Harrisonburg, and Winchester.

Although I-81 is traveled by tens of thousands of car, trucks, and motorcycles everyday, and although I-81 makes commuting, visiting families, taking trips, and getting from A to B easier for millions of Virginias, I-81 is also the backdrop for many car accidents, car accident injuries, and car accident deaths. In fact, the Washington Post recently highlighted the dangers of I-81 in

an article, "On Interstate 81, Fear Comes Along For The Ride." The growing number of vehicles on I-81 - in particular, the increasing number of tractor-trailers, had led to a huge increase in car and truck accidents along the Virginia road. once known best for its scenery and not its car accident fatalities.

· An 82-year-old man was killed while driving on I-81 when his Honda lost control on the interstate's off-ramp near the border of Virginia.

· In August, two different rollover car accidents in New Market and Harrisonburg caused major delays and seriously injured at least one driver.

· In July, a tractor-trailer veered off of I-81 and barreled into James Madison University, injuring the driver as well as students, who were rushed to Virginia Medical Center and Rockingham Memorial Hospital.


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