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*********** Headaches, Neck Pain and Back Pain are the most common auto accident injuries. ***********

Difficulty sleeping?  Problems bending, lifting or standing at work?

Pain while getting dressed, bathing, showering, putting on your bra, socks or shoes?

Car accidents hurt .

“For those who have never been in an accident, it’s difficult to understand just how debilitating auto injuries can become, especially when left untreated,” says Dr. Daniel Richter. “Auto accident injuries need to be taken seriously. We offer a free same-day Consultation for all accident victims. We also help Attorneys, Hospitals and other healthcare professionals by doing free Case Reviews.”


Arthritis is often an unfortunate long term consequence of improper joint movement or injury. In fact, it’s the number one cause of disability in the United States. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis include:

joint pain


fluid accumulation in the


decreased tolerance for walking, sports, stairs and other activities which stress the joint.

Arthritis doesn’t happen overnight but it begins when joints don’t move properly. Just like a car begins to rust when it’s left outside or not driven for a long time, arthritis develops from joints not moving properly or not moving the way they should. This is why we assess joint movement in your spine on every visit and treat these problems as soon as we find them.

If you are suffering from headaches, neck pain or back pain following a car accident, call 763.566.8023 now. We have Same-Day Appointments for all new patients.

PLEASE NOTE: Treatments including Massage Therapy, Hot and Cold Relief, Muscle Relaxation, Physical Medicine and other options are determined by many factors including but not limited to the severity of your injuries, the type and grade of injury you have as well as which Phase of Healing you present with.

Consultations and Case Reviews are performed free of charge and on a first come, first serve basis.

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