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  • PUTTING SAFETY ON A NEW PLATFORM Near miss and accident
reporting for the mobile age Find out more about sara
  • TOUCH, TAP, SWIPE & TAP AGAIN You just created and issued a near miss and accident report No separate paperwork, laptop or camera required Find out how sara works

  • AN OVERVIEW & INTRODUCTION View our near miss and

    accident reporting app video

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  • NO MORE EXCUSES Just one app

    and you can make

    safety everyone’s

    responsibility Download a trial of sara today

  • ON THE ROAD, ON SITE OR IN THE OFFICE Wherever your people are and

    whatever they do, you’ve got

    accident reporting covered

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  • Millions are injured at work every year – 600,000 in the UK alone – and the cost to businesses is immense. But by simply reporting, investigating and taking action you can help prevent accidents and reduce injuries.


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