10+ Car Accident Articles

We have had some great feedback about publishing lists of car accident articles.  As your favorite Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer, I have done a great deal of work writing quality accident articles, so why not put them in a list?   On some days in the past, more than a few driving accident articles were published that pushed other great work out of the spot light.  We are going to go back and visit some the excellent work.  The theme of the list is about time traveling back one entire year.  Buckle up for topics of driving auto poorly, car crashes, drinking and driving, local and recent accident articles.

10 Car Accident Articles

This accident article is a current events story.  It is a sad one that involves a public figure in a local town.  The deadly accident article is about the commissioner dying on his way home from work in his car.

This car accident article will be helpful to those looking for an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia for a car accident injury.  Well, it is actually about an recent collision on the streets of Atlanta and specifically Ponce De Leon.

This is one  of my personal favorites  here at www.jacksonlaws.com.  This article talks about bike accidents and the insurance issues that arise.  For example,  in motorcycle accident cases having a particular type of insurance can be very important to getting full compensation for your injuries.  Another type provides you with nothing.  Want to know which insurance policy you have?  Read this article by your favorite accident lawyer.  The post contains great information to help you get started.

An important, yet sad article about filing claims after the death of a family member.  This car accident article reviews the type of person who can bring the suit (an answer you might be surprised to learn), some different types of claims, and how the state of Georgia values or places the amount of damages in these types of cases or claims.  Many attorneys do not handle cases that involves fatalities from vehicle and auto accident deaths.

My worst joke on the entire website lives on this car accident article.  On the surface, it is just a silly car accident article.  On a deeper surface, it is my sad attempt to get hired to write bad jokes for Jay Leno.  Some law jokes are for others, but did you see our new comedy video on the blog?  If not, you should go search for it.  It is awesome.

This motor vehicle injury article was more about shining the spot light on a different page.  So, why are we putting in

the list?  Because if didn’t, then who would?  What kind of person do you think I am?  Anyway, the article is about being in a car accident in a small town called Jackson.

This motor vehicle accident article is about head on accidents.  These are some of the worst accidents in terms of the amount and severity of injuries.  The article also discusses a recent car accident that involved a head on collision.  I also provide some legal analysis about how the crash would be handled and negotiated by Atlanta attorneys.  Since these are some of the worst types of wrecks, an individual page was devoted to the topic.

This one is a scary car accident article because everyone drives on the interstate.  Further, everyone who lives in Georgia has been on Interstate 75 or I 75.  I am on it everyday.  Most commuters are as well.  Given how big a part this road plays in our lives, it is not fun to hear about the types of accidents.  This driving accident article is about one such accident in the city of Macon, Georgia.

9.  Car Insurance Rates

This accident article is about insurance rates in Georgia.  This is not one of my favorite motor vehicle accident articles because it goes deeper than most of my readers are interested in.  This is important financially.  Money is money and we all use it.  So, knowing why insurance rates are what they are and the cause of said rate increases may be valuable.

This article is about what the name suggests.  It is an article about drunk driving accidents.  Theses types of accidents raise numerous issues that are not involved in a typical driving accident case.  Read this accident article to learn more.  Car crashes are even more severe when a drunk driver is involved because they are more likely to not have slowed down before the crash.

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I hope you have found something on this list that you wish to read.  So, read it.  Now, go out and enjoy your spring.  But, before you go, please tweet or like this page so others can find it more easily.  Thanks.  As a car accident lawyer/car accident attorney, I can tell you that car crashes require representation because insurance companies are difficult at all turns.  There are poor drivers driving all the time.  Bad drivers cause most of the collisions in the world.

Car Accident Articles Published by Attorney Joseph McClelland,  a Georgia attorney practicing personal injury law and a lover of all things legal including driving stories.

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