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This section features a video clips of actual airline disasters in progress. Some individuals may consider this footage to be of a graphic nature, and viewer discretion is advised.

The filesizes of each file, in kilobytes, are located next to the 'Download' link. Some files are quite large, and may require a long period of time for the download to complete, especially if you are using a dialup internet connection.

Files are encoded in MPEG, AVI, and Quicktime MOV compression formats. Some files may require additional software to run properly.

Dramatic security camera video shows a Tradewinds Airlines Boeing 747-200 freighter running off the runway during an aborted takeoff, seriously damaging the aircraft.

Download (4,132k)

A Chalk's Ocean Airways Grumman Turbo Mallard crashes into the sea off the coast of Miami, Florida. All 20 passengers and crew aboard the seaplane were killed.

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A McDonnell Douglas MD-80, on a test flight in 1982, crashes on landing at Edwards Air Force Base in California after landing with a high rate of descent. All 7 crewmembers aboard survived.

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A China Airlines (Mandarin) MD-11 crashes while attempting to land in a typhoon at Hong Kong, in 1999. 3 passengers were killed.

DIVX Video Codec Required. (SCMP)

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A Hawkins & Powers Aviation C-130A 'Hercules' breaks apart and crashes while dropping fire retardant on a large forest fire near Walker, California. DIVX Video Codec Required. (KONO)

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Two Boeing 767-200s, one of United Airlines and one of American Airlines, impact the World Trade Center towers in New York city in a massive terrorist attack on the United States. (CNN)

Download (10,836k)

The Air France Airbus A320 impacted trees while performing a low altitude flyby at an airshow in France. 3 of the 137 passengers died in the accident. (TLC)

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In amateur footage taken by a passenger, we see a TACA Airlines Boeing 767 overrun the runway while landing on a wet runway at Guatemala City's La Aurora Airport. (TLC)

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The crew of this United DC-10 attempted an emergency landing after a complete hydraulic failure. 184 passengers survived the crash landing; 112 died. (TLC)

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A Piedmont Airlines (USAir) is forced to make an emergency landing with one if its main landing gear retracted. The aircraft slides to a stop on the North Carolina runway amid firetrucks and foam.


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