Accident Claims

Accident Claims

Accidents are a part of our life that we just don’t seem to get rid of. Accidents in all spheres of life have frequented so much that a healthy existence is reduced to a matter of chance. Reports over the last decades reveal an astronomical count of accidents that have occurred nationally affecting millions of people annually. You might suffer less injuries if you’re lucky, and more if not so much, but either which way pain and suffering are constant products of accidents, aside the loss of material assets. Concerning about the hapless accidents victims who are stifling with poor finances and poorer health conditions, we offer respite in form of legal compensation.

Accident Claims is an UK-based claim management company that functions to repair broken finances of accident victims by representing their claim in the court. We work with a panel of professional successful legal stalwarts who have over a decade of experience in active solicitation. Our services prior to appointment are complimentary. You can contact us through our website in order to consult your case with our experts before deciding to bring the claim upon the opponent. Our company track record since the start has been excellent, thanks to our lawyer partners who have contributed to it. Thus, you can expect us to derive the maximum payout your case deserves from the party officially and solely held responsible for the situation.

Before you gather more facts and details about accident claims, let us take you through the kinds of accidents that are encompassed within the scope of claim making.

Types of Accidents Commonly Claimed for

Here’s a list of the accident for which we generally offer our assistance to make legal appeals. Since, all these accidents can render a person incapable for a very long time (which can be forever, or just a stint), or leave them with a scratch of a bruise, the compensation figure keeps fluctuating with each case.   Take a look through the kinds of compensable accidents on which they are broadly classified.

Car accident

Car collision cases are flourishing undisputedly with each passing year, with a lion share of the credit attributed to the galore cars getting sold every day. Added to that is the rash driving tendencies of owners pressurized by the deadlines looming overhead. Drink and drive makes another lumpy portion of contributory factors. Car accidents can occur due to inefficient driving skills, weather inclemency, road design and environment, driving habits and behaviour, running speed, etc. Now, almost all the causes can be brought to light in the court, as long as another party is responsible for the occurrence. Head-on collisions, parking-lot incidents, concertina accidents, side collisions, highway car crashes, rollovers, road departures and every other kind of auto-accidents are handled by us.

Motorcycle accident

Some regions in the UK are popular as motorbike accident hotspots in the UK. Though most of these words of mouth that spin into fictions, originally stand on truths, there are places in the country that statistical reports tell apart as safe and unsafe for motorcycle riding. The figures are scandalizing in the

south-eastern zone of the country. London stands second with the maximum motorcyclists being Londoners in the UK. South-west and West Midlands are other accident prone areas wherefrom we receive a large number of clients. A multivariate analysis of the motorcycle accidents that are fatal in nature shows bewildering reports. We have, so far, handled all kinds of motorcycle accident cases that have ended variously, such as, injuries, disability and death.

Cycle accident

Cycle accidents in the United Kingdom have more casualties with less number of extreme cases. However, if figures don’t lie, about 19000 cyclists are recorded to be involved in accidents annually of which 3000 meet death. The problem with cycle accidents is that the involved parties are children in many cases, with riders aged between 10 and 15. Collisions, roundabouts, risky driving, etc. are cited as reasons of cycle accidents. As long as it is the fault or carelessness of another person, which can even be a pedestrian carelessly crossing the road, we are here to extend our help in the form of assistance in claim making.

Holiday accident

This is a complex area of law because of the accident locations. In many cases, travellers meet accidents in abroad locations where a foreign jurisdiction is applied to the incident. We offer to file a claim and represent it in the court on your behalf for all kinds of accidents you’ve encountered due to them mistake of others while on a holiday. This includes illnesses such as food poisoning due to vile foods, electrocution due to faulty circuit boards, sickness due to lack of hygiene, injuries due to faulty products, etc. We make sure that you earn all you deserve in the form of monetary compensation, regardless of the jurisdiction you come under. We also handle cases where our clients suffer injuries due to improper accommodation and risky travel arrangements.

Work accident

This is the commonest kind of accident in the United Kingdom, despite the consistent efforts of HSE in putting hold to the escalating count. Extracts made from the accident books in companies say that the number of accidents in workplaces is surmounting at an alarming level. Fatal work accidents in warehouse and factory environments, serious injuries from slip and trip, auto-accidents during field work, etc. are some of the cases we’ve handled during our career. We understand the insecurity of employees in taking legal actions against their employer. Thus, we take the charge of doing the same legally so that you are rewarded for the pain and can return back to your former work position after complete recovery.

Slip and trip

Though this accident takes a back seat when it comes to the measure of severity, slip and trip accidents have resulted in serious physical damage in many cases. Head haemorrhage, spinal cord injury, broken bones, etc. are some of the severe outcomes of such injuries. We take up slip and trip cases generally on a fast-track because of the straightforwardness of the cases.

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