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Have you been involved in a truck accident in the Atlanta GA area? The attorneys at The Griffin Law Firm can help you recover. Our highly skilled professionals understand the situation you are in. We have recovered over 50 million dollars for our clients and have helped hundreds of dear people deal with serious loss and suffering.

Our local attorneys have the resources and technical knowledge necessary to protect your rights. These tractor-trailers or semi-trailer-trucks are involved in many serious, even fatal truck accidents every day in Atlanta. One out of every eight traffic fatality involves an accident with a semi-truck. The Griffin Law Firm specializes in protecting the rights of those involved in serious truck wrecks.

Some trucking accident victims escape unscathed, while others suffer massive, even fatal consequences. But like regular

auto accidents, truck accident victims need to act immediately after an accident to insure their rights are protected.

I grew up the son of a pediatrician / child psychiatrist and a nurse. I attended Emory University and Georgia State College of Law. My Grandfather was a lawyer who truly loved helping his clients and I was the president of the Student Trial Lawyers Association and a finalist in the Georgia Mock Trial competition. Some say that life has prepared me for this incredible job. Being a lawyer and fighting for the rights and the fair compensation for our clients is at the heart of the Griffin Law Firm.

My firm has won millions for accident victims.

Call (800) 624-4878 for an absolutely free consultation.

Richard Griffin


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