Accident at work claim

accident at work claim

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Injury At Work Claims

Was your recent work accident caused by the carelessness of someone else? If you’ve suffered injury, or contracted some form of disease because of your job, our acclaimed work injury solicitors could help you to seek compensation.

Accidents at work are an inevitable risk in some industries. If your role entails heavy lifting, working with machinery or working at height on a construction site, the risks are generally apparent. However, these tend to be minimised by effective safety protocols and training provided in accordance with Health and Safety legislation. While factory and construction site accidents are particularly common, the majority of accident at work claims are brought for slips, trips and falls in environments considered far less hazardous, such as offices, retail units and supermarkets.

Our trusted work injury solicitors have the expertise needed to tackle the complexities of work injury law and bear considerable experience of unusual accident at work cases. Whether your accident was caused by safety failures for which your employer is responsible, or the negligence of a fellow employee led to your injuries, we’ll help you navigate the legal process and fight on your behalf for 100% compensation.

Do You Have A Work Injury Claim?

No matter where you work, your employer has a legal duty of responsibility to ensure the workplace conforms to safety regulations. Failure to ensure the workplace is free of obvious hazards constitutes negligence, and if this results in injury, could also mean your employer is liable for any damages brought as a result.

You could be entitled to work injury compensation if you suffered injury due to:

  •   A slip or fall caused by a spillage, obstruction or uneven flooring.

  •   A vehicle collision caused by another road user.
  •   Stock or equipment falling onto you.
  •   A fall from height, such as an unsafe scaffolding tower.
  •   Faulty electrical equipment or machinery.
  •   Repetitive manual work or heavy lifting duties.
  •   Exposure to hazardous chemicals or gases.
  •   Over-exposure to excessive levels of noise
  •   Inadequate training or supervision.

No Fee Specialists Working For You

Our guiding principle is that anyone injured as a consequence of negligence shouldn’t feel as though they are exempt from taking legal action because of financial concerns. It makes no difference whether or not you are currently employed, as eligibility is not subject to employment status. Our transparent no win no fee guarantee ensures, win or lose, you’ll never be liable for any costs associated with making a claim, and neither will your compensation award be affected by deductions. Our fees are sought from the opposition entirely separate to your work injury claim, so you can rest assured that any compensation recovered will be 100% of that agreed as final settlement.

For confidential legal advice and a no obligation, free case assessment, contact our work injury claims specialists today. Either drop us an email using the online form, or call us on the claim helpline number free from any landline phone. We could be helping you start a claim in minutes!


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