Accidents in the workplace

accidents in the workplace


Train all employees to keep walkways clear of anything that can cause trips and falls. Some common problems are drawers that are left open, unsecure electrical cords, spills that aren't cleaned immediately, loose carpeting and any object left on the floor.

Check the office for proper storage of materials. For example, nothing heavy should be on top of a cabinet or shelf. If the item is struck by a passerby, that heavy object could fall and injure someone. Stack boxes only if they are in a uniform size, and keep heavy or electrical items away from the edges of any object.

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The garage is where we use and store power tools and heavy equipment. It's where we store assorted hardware, supplies and materials.

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There are nearly 25 million reported vehicular accidents annually on U.S. roads and highways. About 50,000 drivers and passengers will die as.


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