Motor Accident Claims

auto accident injury claim

The following are examples of individuals who were involved in a motor accident and made claims to and were subsequently awarded financial compensation.

Case Study 1:

Cian, an engineer from Cork, was awarded €35,000 in compensation after he was struck by a car while crossing a road near his home.

Having suffered  head trauma, as well as lacerations and soft tissue injuries to his shoulder and elbow, he was unable to work for six months.

Cian’s claim was settled within nine months of making the application through

Case Study 2:

Mary sustained severe head and neck injuries, when the car in which she was a passenger went out of control, hit a wall and flipped over a number of times.

Having submitted her claim to and following a full assessment of her case, Mary was awarded €230,000. Her claim was settled within nine months after attending

two independent medical examinations arranged by

Case Study 3:

Sean was travelling home from work on a mini-bus when it was rear-ended whilst stopped at traffic lights.  He suffered soft tissue injury to his neck and back and was out of work for a period.

Sean sent the relevant paperwork (i.e. application form, doctor's report, receipts for medical bills etc) to and was awarded €13,600 in compensation just nine months later.

Case Study 4:

Paula, a teacher from Kilkenny, was in a line of traffic when another vehicle hit her from behind.

Paula suffered soft tissue damage to her neck and shoulders, and had difficulty driving for weeks following the accident.

With the help of, Paula made a claim and was subsequently awarded €8,500 in compensation for her pain and suffering. She also received €2,400 to cover the cost of repairs to her vehicle.


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