Auto accident report form

Auto Accident Report Form - Instructions

Keep this handy auto accident report form in your glove box for recording those important details while still at the scene of an accident. Later, you'll be very glad you did when those details are not so easy to remember.

1.) To begin the instant download, just recommend us on Facebook or Twitter using one of the buttons in the banner above. A download dialogue box will then appear.

2.) Print. For best results, print on card stock or heavyweight paper using a color laser printer (although plain paper and an inkjet will work too). Cutting along the borders of the forms will provide you with two copies of the form. Put these forms in your glove box with a pen clipped to them.

3.) In the event of an accident, record all the information indicated on the form, adding any additional important details and/or sketch of the scene on the back.

It's easy to lose focus when we find ourselves involved in an auto accident. Thinking of the right things to jot down isn't always the easiest thing to do in these situations. We sincerely hope you never need to use this form, but having it will give you peace of mind that should you ever be involved in an auto accident, you'll be ready to record the important details.

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