Accident at Work Procedure

If you have had an accident at your workplace. you should already know what to do when it comes to what policies and procedures to follow, and how the accident should be reported with your company. If you don’t, I suggest that you ask an appropriate member of staff – but you should have had some guidance or training on the subject in the past.

First and foremost, the accident should be fully and accurately recorded in an accident book. If your injuries need attending to at the scene of the accident, an appropriate first aider should be called in to assist you as much as possible. If you are asked to sign a copy of the accident boom entry, make sure you actually agree to the contents of the report, and only sign it if it is full and accurate. You should also request a copy if you are to sign the report.

Obviously, if your medical needs require it, you should be taken to a local walk in centre of hospital for further treatment. Make sure you explain to the medic in detail as to what happened and how you ended up suffering the injury.

What Happens Next?

Well, if the accident was caused through no fault of your own, you may be able to make a claim for compensation from your employers insurance. Before you panic, it’s actually a perfectly normal and natural process to claim from your employers insurance.

In fact, your employer must legally have a policy of insurance in place to cover themselves in case any of their employees are injured. The policy exists for employees to claim from

in the event they are injured in the line of duty through no fault of their own.

Legally speaking, there is nothing your employers can do to adversely affect your employment – they cannot sack you, they cannot treat you any differently, and they cannot do anything at all to cause you any issues.

In fact, we find that most employers are quite happy for you to make a claim from their insurance. Like I said above, it exists to claim from, and you have been injured in the line of duty. It’s only fair for you to recover your losses and be compensated for your suffering and injuries.

What to do Now

To make a claim, you need to instruct a specialist personal injury lawyer with experience in dealing with work accident claims to pursue the claim on your behalf. Make sure you enter in to a Genuine No Win No Fee agreement with them, meaning you will never incur any charges if you lose the case, and you will receive 100% compensation if you win – no deductions, and no hidden charges .

The great thing is that the insurance also covers your legal fees as well – so, as well as getting 100% compensation. you don’t actually have to pay for your lawyers legal fees as well!

That’s 100% compensation with no bills to pay!

Be careful though – not all lawyers are nice enough to offer a Genuine No Win No Fee service that guarantees your position is protected in writing. Check the paperwork and instruct a lawyer you are comfortable with going ahead with.


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