Important Questions to Ask Cycling Accident Specialists

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October 9, 2014

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Being involved in a cycling accident can be a painful and traumatic experience. Moreover, it can be a rather complex claim if you are not supported by cycling accident specialists. Carry on Cycling are cycling accident specialists that represented many cyclists ranging from the average cyclist cycling for fun, individuals riding bicycles to work, professional cyclists, and even mountain bikers. These claims include claims against highway authorities, motor insurers, and the Motor Insurers Bureau.

Before a cycling accident specialist is appointed one should ask a couple of important questions to ensure you are dealing with the best possible specialist available. It is understandable that selecting the right legal representative amongst the many that are available. Therefore, the questions below will assist in making an informed decision.

How Long Have They Been Practicing Law?

Obviously a practice with a long standing and established reputation has the experience in the world of law that is comforting. No one wants to take a risk with a law firm without the reassurance that they are knowledgeable and gained trust amongst clients for a significant time.

What Area of Law Do They Specialise In?

Surely if you have a cycling accident claim you would like to have a specialist that is an expert in cycling accidents. Areas that one should look for is personal injury claims and road traffic accidents.

Have They Been To Trail With A Claim?

Many law firms aim to settle a personal injury or cycling accident claim outside of court. It is important to deal with a cycling accident specialist who

has trial experience in this particular field. Not all claims are settled in court. It is important for the legal representative to be able to distinguish when it is in the best interest of the client to settle out of court or to go to trial.

What Is the Cost for a Consultation?

A reputable cycling accident specialist will inform you right from the start what the expected cost of the consultation will be. This is usually done right in the first few minutes of the first consultation.

Is the “No Win No Fee” Principal Applicable?

Although many law firms claim this principle it is not always possible to conduct all types of claims with this principal. A reputable legal representative will inform clients of the best way to fund a claim from the outset.

Is Special Insurance Needed To Cover Cost of An Unsuccessful Claim?

It is possible in certain cases that the claimants are responsible for costs of the successful parties? If there is such a possibility a renowned cycling accident specialist will advise you of the appropriate route to take regarding insurance.

Are The Cycling Accident Specialists Located In Close Proximity?

Make sure that the legal representation that is selected is in close proximity. It will be foolish to travel several miles if a local representative or specialist is available closer to the claimant’s residence or workplace.

Carry on Cycling is a reputable cycling accident specialists that will provide you with all the information you need to start a claim. Professional advice from skilled legal professionals will help you to make an informed decision about your claim.


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