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The best accident claim companies  serve an important purpose in the UK today.

Soon after they came to power, the Labour government decided to scale back legal aid for victims of personal injury and those who had suffered in non-fault accidents.

When legal aid was withdrawn, so too was personal injury advice funding for Citizens’ Advice Bureau offices, and injury victims who were unfamiliar with legal procedures were left without impartial advice as to how they might claim compensation.

At around this time, the best accident claims companies  sprang into action in order to deal with the problem, advertising the services of lawyers who suddenly found themselves receiving fewer referrals from the CAB. The best claims companies  refer cases to lawyers with whom they work in partnership, meaning

that up anything up to 200 lawyers’ firms could be offered an injury victim’s case after the accident claims company  have accepted it.

Best claims companies

The best accident claim company’s  policy will be to offer their customers free and impartial advice, often obtained either via a free helpline or their website.

The best accident claims companies will work in partnership with many different solicitors’ firms up and down the country, which will give the claim the best chance of succeeding since they will be able to offer the claim to practitioners with a broader field of experience.

Best claims management companies

The types of injuries usually handled by the best claims management companies  are typically caused by the following types of accident:


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