Boating accidents

boating accidents

Boat Injury & Recreational Injury

Contact a boating accident lawyer in Michigan when a fun day on the water turns tragic

Boating accidents not only can cause damage to watercraft but also can result in the drowning of innocent persons. Boating is a great way to enjoy the rivers and lakes of Michigan’s Water Wonderland but far too often tragedy results because of the carelessness of a watercraft operator, so be ready to contact a boating accident lawyer in Michigan should tragedy strike.

Operators of boats, like automobile and truck drivers, have a legal obligation to operate watercraft in a safe manner. The major causes of boat accidents are operator inattention, careless/reckless operation, operator inexperience, operating at an unsafe speed, and failure to have a proper lookout. If you’re injured in a boating accident you need a Michigan boat accident attorney.

If you, or someone you care about, has been the unfortunate victim of a boating accident, you should call

Cochran, Foley & Associates Michigan boat accident attorney team at 800-322-5543 and ask for Terry Cochran or Lynn Foley. Both possess the special knowledge, based on their extensive boating accident attorney experience, needed to make sure all necessary evidence has been gathered and to determine what legal action should be taken to protect your interests and future.

In Michigan it is a crime to operate a boat in a reckless or negligent manner. In addition to criminal penalties, boat operators also can be sued for negligence if their carelessness causes someone to get hurt. If a boat operator drives too fast for conditions and collides with another boat or object and someone gets hurt, the injured party may be entitled to sue and collect a monetary award.

Civil and criminal liability also may result when a boat operator causes an injury while operating a boat under the influence of alcohol. In Michigan, an operator’s boat may be confiscated if he is under the influence of alcohol.


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