Yishun accident today

yishun accident today


Another horrific accident. Hope the driver's alright.

STOMPer Ricky was alerted to the scene of this accident by a loud 'bang' from outside his window at 5.00am this morning (Sep 15). The accident left the car an overturned wreck with the driver trapped inside.

Ricky describes the situation:

"This accident happened on Sep 15 at about 5.00am, along Yishun Avenue 1. Early this morning, I heard a loud 'bang' from outside my window.

"Only one vehicle appeared to be involved in the accident, and the car was overturned. He was probably speeding or something.

"Civil Defence people and an ambulance arrived and worked to free the driver from the wreckage. An ambulance then took the casualty away.

"This is not the first time such a major accident happened here. This stretch of road is long and straight, and is a favourite of speeding drivers.

"I have written to LTA and

the Traffic Police regard speeding drivers and bikers along this stretch of road, but so far I have not received any response.

"In addition to creating lots of noise late at night, they are also likely to cause accidents here.

"I hope the authorities will put up some speed bumps to stop this trend."

A spokesperson for the SCDF also gave more details:

"The call was received at 5.24am.

"The accident had occurred at the junction of Yishun Street 81 and Yishun Avenue 1.

"The SCDF dispatched one ambulance, two fire bikes, one Red Rhino, one fire engine and one support vehicle to the scene.

"The driver was trapped in his car and rescuers used a hydraulic spreader-cutter to release him. The operation took 20 minutes to complete. He was conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital with head injuries in a conscious state."

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