Thread: Accident at YRC Freight warehouse kills KC man

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Accident at YRC Freight warehouse kills KC man

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Miscommunication between the driver of a semi-tractor trailer and a spotter at a freight warehouse caused a fatal accident earlier this week that killed a 33-year-old dock supervisor, Kansas City police said Friday.

The accident happened about 10:45 p.m. Tuesday at YRC Freight at 3500 Booth Ave. It killed Kevin P. Edmondson, of Kansas City, who had just started working at the company in September.

Edmondson previously worked in management at UPS for eight years, according to relatives. He switched to the job at YRC because it offered higher pay and greater opportunities, said his sister, Jennifer Brewer.

“He was really looking forward to his future with this job ,” she said. “He

felt everything was finally coming together for him.”

Edmondson worked the night shift and was standing at a loading dock Tuesday night as a truck backed a 28-foot trailer into a bay. Edmondson dropped his radio into the bay and the truck docked, police said.

The spotter motioned for the driver to pull forward several feet so Edmondson could jump down four feet into the bay and retrieve his radio, police said. The spotter apparently was giving a hand signal for the driver to “hold” while Edmondson looked in the bay for his radio. But the truck driver mistakenly thought he was given the go-ahead to back up again, police said.

MY thoughts and prayers go out to this young man family and friends.


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