Car Accident Compensation: The Types Of Loss You Can Claim With Examples Of Whiplash Compensation Amounts

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Car accident compensation. discover how much compensation you can claim for whiplash injuries - together with a list of the most common expenses which can form part of your UK compensation.

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What is a whiplash neck injury and why is it so often part of a UK car accident compensation claim?

Car accident compensation

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Whiplash is the medical name given to a neck or upper (cervical) spine injury caused when the head is jolted forward and then backwards in a violent manner - your neck being forced to act like a whip.

In a collision your seat belt stops your body from moving forward, not your head, so whiplash will often form part of your car accident compensation claim.

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How much UK car accident compensation can you claim for your whiplash?

The value of your whiplash injuries in a car accident compensation claim depends upon how much pain it causes you and how long your symptoms last.

As a rough guideline in 2013 you could expect to receive the following car accident whiplash compensation amounts:

1. UK compensation for a minor whiplash injuries

Neck pain between a few weeks and a year - £850 to £2,900

Neck pain lasting up to two years - £2,900 to £5,200

2. UK compensation for a moderate whiplash

Neck pain for a few years with a risk of the pain returning - £5,200 to £9,000

3. UK compensation for a severe whiplash trauma

Neck pain is severe and there is permanent damage to the cervical spine - up to £97,500

What are the types of expenses you are entitled to claim in the United Kingdom as part of your car accident compensation?

1. Compensation for vehicle collision damage

It is likely that the vehicle you were driving at the time of the accident will have been damaged or written off. You are entitled to claim the cost of repair to your vehicle. If your vehicle was beyond economic repair (written off) - you are entitled to claim the sum of money that your vehicle was worth given its age, mileage and condition, so you can buy a replacement.

2. Cost of a hire vehicle

Whilst your vehicle is being repaired you may claim the expense of a hire vehicle.

3. Loss of use of vehicle

If you choose not to hire a vehicle whilst yours is being repaired - you are entitled to claim a sum of money known as the "loss of use of vehicle" calculated on a daily rate.

4. Vehicle credit repair and hire

Vehicle repair and hire expenses can be quite large, so if you enter into a legal credit agreement to pay them you can claim this additional expense.

5. Vehicle recovery expense

Your vehicle will often have to be towed from the scene of the accident to a repair garage or to a storage unit. There will be a cost associated with this and you are entitled to claim this sum.

6. Vehicle storage expenses

Your vehicle may be stored whilst it is awaiting repair. You are entitled to claim the storage expense so long as it is reasonable. If it is stored for too long the cost of storage can be greater than the cost of the vehicle itself, which might be considered unreasonable.

7. Loss of fuel in the tank

When your vehicle is beyond economic repair you are entitled to claim the expense of the fuel that was in the tank at the time of your traffic accident. If you are involved in a trucking accident this sum of money can run into the thousands.

8. Travel expenses

You are entitled to claim any travel expenses relating to your road accident, including those to and from hospital and your GP. You will need receipts or if you used a friend's vehicle you could claim a mileage rate - typically £0.40 per mile.

9. Cost of medical treatment for your injuries

You are entitled to claim all your medical expenses in treating your trauma - you will need to supply receipts in support.

10. Lost income

If you were unable to work as a result of your road accident you are entitled to claim lost income as a net amount - income after tax and national insurance is deducted. You can normally prove this amount with a letter from your employer. If you are self employed - you will need to show your lost income from your accounts.

11. Nursing expense

If your injuries were so bad that you required professional nursing assistance - you are entitled to claim this expense.

12. Care and assistance expense

If family members or friends provided you with care and assistance following your car accident - you are entitled to claim an hourly rate for their time. Statements from the individuals who supplied the assistance would be necessary to support this expense.

13. Loss of holiday

If you had a holiday booked which you were unable to go on as a result of your road accident - you are entitled to claim the cost of the holiday. If you were able to go on the holiday, but due to your injuries you were unable to enjoy the holiday - you are entitled to claim for loss of enjoyment.

You now know what whiplash is and how much money you can claim for it as well as the expenses you can claim as part of your car accident compensation.

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