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car accident compensation claim

If you have been involved in a car accident and want to make a personal injury claim for compensation, we can help. We're specialist solicitors in car accident claims and have successfully secured the maximum available car accident compensation for thousands of satisfied clients.

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Can I make a claim following a car accident?

If you have been in a road accident and someone else is at fault, has been negligent, or in some other way carries the blame for your injury, you can probably make a successful car accident claim. Remember:

  • Other road users have a responsibility to drive carefully and safely.
  • Drivers are responsible for passenger safety in their vehicle.
  • Councils and local authorities have a duty to keep roads in good order.
  • Your employer has responsibilities relating to your wellbeing if you're on the road as part of your job.

How much compensation will I receive for a car accident claim?

Whatever degree of physical or psychological injuries have been suffered by you, or a loved one, the role of our car accident solicitors is to ensure compensation is awarded at a level that will cover your entire medical and care needs.

  • Your injuries may be relatively small or they could be more serious involving surgery, occupational therapy, rehabilitation and on-going drug treatment.
  • As expert car accident solicitors we work with medical professionals to carefully define the status of your injury, how it can be expected to develop and how it might be resolved.
  • Your claim is of vital importance because it will provide the means to obtain the treatment and support you are entitled to and need, for as long as you need it.

Financial losses in car accident claims

In a car accident compensation claim your first consideration is likely to be about funding any medical treatment. But of course, that's not all.

  • Many of our clients pursuing a car accident claim find themselves off work for sometime. We see it as a priority to establish financial stability for anyone making a road traffic accident compensation claim.
  • Some road accidents involve expensive losses in relation to damage to vehicles and property. We know how important your vehicle can be, which is why we'll work hard to secure reparation for you.

What else can I claim for following a car accident?

As well as your injury, road accidents can also result in you paying out for other related items such as:
  • Your insurance policy excess
  • Repairs to your vehicle
  • Cost of a temporary hire car or suitable replacment vehicle
  • Public transport costs while your vehicle is being repaired
  • Replacment booster or baby seats
  • Repair or replacement of personal items that we're damaged in the crash

When we build your road traffic accident compensation claim we make sure that all your losses are included in your compensation amount.

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If you're worried about having to pay legal fees if you lose, don't be. Road accident claims are normally dealt with under a 'no win no fee ' arrangement.

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