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In Florida, if you’ve been injured in a car accident you are able to claim compensation for the damages you have incurred as a result of past or future medical bills and income loss. Although physical injuries and pain are impalpable, you may be able to get monetary compensation for them. If you’ve endured any permanent scarring or loss of a bodily function you may be able to get compensation as well.

Our Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys are here to help you. They are well-rounded and skilled when it comes to car accident injury cases and may be able to help you get the maximum compensation you need according to your particular case. Our main office is located in Miami and we also have locations all around Florida.

Preparing for Your Car Accident Case

Many elements need to be examined when coming to the conclusion of how much compensation one can get from a car accident injury –like whose insurance company covers the car who’s been found at fault. Having a knowledgeable and powerful attorney on your side is very important for your case. Your attorney should have the negotiating skills necessary to present your case and possibly get a settlement without having to go through an actual trial. The presentation of your case alone, if strong enough, can convince the insurance company to compensate you accordingly.

As long as you agree to go to all of your doctor and therapy appointments, a motor vehicle accident attorney can represent you in your auto repair claim.

Car Accidents under Florida Law

In Florida, your insurance

policy can compensate you for medical expenses and lost wages after a car accident. If the victim has died as a result of the accident, the surviving family member can make a claim for funeral expenses with the insurance company as long as the surviving family member or the deceased weren’t at fault. The law in Florida also specifies that insurance companies are not allowed to raise their rates after the victim files a claim and of course, the driver at fault and their insurance company are in charge of taking care of any damage done after your own insurance company covers it.

The laws in place in Florida specify that those who are trying to get compensated for any injuries sustained after a car accident must have proof by a doctor stating that their injury is permanent within a degree of medical likelihood. Although this is true, it doesn’t mean that your physical injury has to be completely noticeable: you don’t have to be subject to a wheelchair or crutches to qualify for compensation. As long as your doctor deems the injury as being reasonably permanent, you are elligible to get compensated for the damages done.

Since the driver at-fault’s insurance company will do what they can to dispute your claim and prove that your injury isn’t permanent, it’s imperative that you have an experience car accident attorney taking care of your case. The insurance company will claim that the injury wasn’t a result of the accident but our Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys are well-versed in these cases and know exactly how to help.

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