401 accident

401 accident

Posted 2 months ago


There’s been a bad accident on the 401.

Napanee OPP say the 401 eastbound at Napanee is closed to traffic after a collision involving two tractor trailers and another vehicle.


Jim says:

What I think needs to happen, is some proactive work by police.

A couple of things to consider: Has anyone been cut off by a tractor trailer recently? Has anyone ever seen a truck pulled over by police?

Do cops not see the bad behavior of truck drivers?

There are still some good professional drivers. But they are rapidly being displaced by the totally incompetent, rude, and in many cases hazardous

drivers that are causing so many accidents and deaths.

Now all you wives and friends and family of competent truck drivers will start bashing me for my post. But think about it. You too are potential victims. I did mention, that there are still good professional drivers out there. I know some personally. It’s sad to see their professional image tarnished by the influx of truly incompetent “drivers” that are being allowed into the industry.

Equipment owners have a responsibility as well, and again there are a few good corporate citizens that are doing their best to employ good drivers. Unfortunately, they appear to be the minority. We have in our midst several carriers that do not walk the safety talk.

Greed trumps moral integrity once again.

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