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Maximizing Car Accident Insurance Claims

Do you know how much your personal injury settlements might be worth? Do you know how you can increase the amount of your auto accident insurance claims?

To understand how to get the most money from your insurance claims, you should follow two basic steps for settlements for personal injury.

1. Use the Personal Injury Calculator

The insurance companies have been known to use an injury calculator to determine the amount of your auto accident insurance claims. The insurance claims calculator uses a simple formula to get a quick ball park figure of what your car insurance settlements might be worth.

If you understand how your auto accident insurance claims are calculated, you will have a big advantage when settling with the insurance companies.

To get a better understanding of the car insurance claims formula

The next thing you should focus on in your personal injury settlement case is.

2. Showing More Pain and Suffering

The biggest part of your accident insurance settlement depends on showing your pain and suffering. The best way to determine how much your pain and suffering is worth, is to look at the type of injury you suffered.

The insurance companies divide your injuries in two group; soft injuries and hard injuries. Soft injuries are the less severe type of injuries (ex muscle pain, back spasms). Hard injuries are more serious injuries like broken limbs, fractures, permanent disabilities etc.

Hard injuries are assumed to cause more pain and suffering because they require extensive treatment and can severely impact the rest of your life. Therefore, if you suffered a hard injury, your insurance settlement will be higher.

To get a better sense of how much your injuries might be worth

In addition to the type of injuries you suffered, there are various other ways to show your pain and suffering.

Injury Accident Claim Examples

A good way to understand the accident claims process is to look at a few examples:


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