Car Accidents and Insurance Coverage

car accidents and insurance

To get familiar with the language of a car accident insurance claim, use this glossary. Car Insurance: What Drivers and Vehicles Are Covered?

If someone borrows your car, are they covered under your policy? What if you want to add a car? Types of Car Insurance Coverage »

In-depth information on different coverage options and how they affect a car accident claim. If You Don't Have Car Insurance

A look at your legal options if the insurer rejects your claim. Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage »

Protecting yourself if you're in an accident with an uninsured/underinsured driver. Car Insurance Laws in Your State »

Articles on car insurance requirements for each state. Buying Car Insurance: 6 Steps

Follow these tips to end up with the best coverage. Saving on Car Insurance: 17 Tips

Looking to save a few bucks on auto insurance? 17 could be your lucky number. Car Crash Claims and Subrogation

A closer look at how subrogation works in the context of a car accident case. Should You Get a Collision Damage Waiver?

They'll try to sell you on it when you're renting a car, but do you need it? Teen Car Accidents: What Happens to Parents' Car Insurance?

What if you're convicted of DUI on top of getting into an accident? What Uber and Lyft Drivers Need to Know About Car Insurance

If you're driving for one of these companies, the fine print in your car insurance policy is crucial. The Cooperation Clause and an Auto Accident Insurance Claim

Every state’s law is a little different, and every car insurance company does things a little differently. How Third-Party Car Insurance Claims Work

You should take certain steps to make sure you receive a satisfactory car accident settlement from an insurance company. Reasons to File an Auto Insurance Lawsuit Auto Insurance Claims and Compensable Damages


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