Roundup Of Incredible Car Crash Videos

By Bradley Taylor

In the world of casual living comes times of extreme moments that lead to incredible controversy. In the world of driving, car crashes become a generated fear that hits the hearts of anyone who can imagine experiencing what they are seeing. There’s something about watching a car crash; you may want to look away, but at that same time can’t avert your eyes. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up incredible car crash videos that you can’t help but watch.

1. Crazy Car Crash At Crossroads

See what happens when a car runs a red light at 4:00am. Just because it looks like the streets are empty, that’s not always the case.

2. Massive Roadside Car Crash Video

In this video watch what happens when a current car accident is being addressed. Are car crashes like lightning, you can’t get hit more than once in the same spot? See why that’s not necessarily the case. Watch what happens in the video .

3. Unbelievable Railway Crossing Car Crash

Watch what happens when a train ploughs through a truck. The bigger question is why is the truck parked directly in its path? There’s no way to prevent the crash, the train goes through it like a knife through butter.

4. Vehicle Flies 30 Feet High In the Air

Ever see a car lose control and spike up into the air? See what happens in this crazy car crash video. It’s like something out of a Hollywood movie.

5. The World’s Most Expensive Car Crash

One Ferrari, two Ferraris, and more. That’s right; in this video you can see the results of eight Ferrari’s crashing into each other in southwest Japan.

The pile-up included a total of 14 vehicles, all going at speeds over 90mph.

6. A Bag With A Powerful Punch

Not all car accidents are caused by two cars driving into each other; some car incidents happen at the curb. See what we mean in the car video below (sure glad those air bags work so well):

7. The Up And Over Move

In this hit or miss car crash video watch how a state trooper has developed cat-like reflexes to avoid getting hit by a car that is inches from smashing into the vehicle he pulled over.

8. Crash At Motor Sports Event

Check out this video taken at a motor sports event that shows a crash followed by a devastating collision that leaves a car engulfed in flames. You won’t believe what you see at the end of the video.

9. Car Crash Compilation

This final video is a compilation of several images of devastating car crashes accompanied by music that signifies the energy and rush of such events. These are the “after” pictures.

These videos show how things can change in a minute. Even when you think the streets are safe and empty, there may be a semi-truck just around the corner. While these car accidents all look so devastating, there was no one seriously hurt in the videos listed above. Which was your favorite video? Do you have any favorite car crash videos? Let us know in the comments below.

Bradley Taylor is an automotive blogger, journalist, and enthusiast. He also contributes to other websites and on behalf of other motoring publications such as Jardine Motors. BMW, Nissan, Audi, and Ford. Connect with Bradley on Google Plus .


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