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IRTE has taken the initiative to set up the first Collision Investigation & Research Cell (CIRC) at Delhi in collaboration with Dr. Steffan Datatechnik, Austria and VIA, the Netherlands.

Out of the estimated 1.4 million serious road accidents/collisions occurring annually in India, hardly 0.4 million are recorded. Further, only a minimal percentage of these collisions are scientifically investigated, in the absence of which, the real causes and consequences are never known. Therefore remedial measures as well as punishment for the violators are also arbitrary. On account of various political and socio-economic conditions, generally, the larger vehicles are often labelled the culprit in cases of vehicle-to-vehicle crashes. Road safety can only be improved when we understand the causes and consequences of

road accidents/collisions so as to work out remedial measures.

Accident InvestigationCollision InvestigationCar Collision InvestigationTruck Crash Investigation

CIRC offers its services to Police Training Schools, Colleges and Academies to train Police personnel into becoming Collision Investigators. CIRC support is also provided to civic and road maintenance agencies in road safety audit based upon the assessment of causes of road collisions

The AIRC has already conducted landmark cases in collision investigation and reconstruction across India. Using these case studies, courses for police personnel in different states including Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi as well as at the National Police Academy at Hyderabad have been conducted.


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