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compensation from car accident

Whether you’re a safe driver, ride a bike, or like to get out for a walk, you could find yourself involved in a motor vehicle accident. And accidents which might seem fairly minor can cause serious, ongoing physical problems down the track.

To make a claim when you’re not at fault, it’s important to make sure you keep records of everything related to your accident. such as the other driver’s registration details, reports from police, doctors, ambulance staff, or hospitals, and the details of any witnesses.

When you’re recovering from an injury, dealing with all these things can sometimes feel overwhelming. PMN motor vehicle accident lawyers have been helping people receive their rightful compensation for more than 30 years. We know the right questions to ask to get the information we need for your accident compensation claim.

All you need to worry about is getting better .

Motor vehicle accident claims and Injury Scale Values

As of July 1 2013, CTP (Compulsory Third Party) rules were changed to introduce Injury Scale Values (ISV). This new system uses points from 1 to 100 to measure the severity of injuries based on medical evidence and how the injury is likely to affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

If you intend to make a claim for car accident compensation, you’ll need to reach certain minimum scores on the ISV before you can make a claim for loss of earnings, pain and suffering, or personal care.

This new law has been designed to minimise claims and reduce compensation payments. However, if you suffer multiple injuries, the overall impact you injuries will be taken into account when assessing your ISV score and mayincrease how much you can receive .

If you were injured before July 1 2013, then you’ll have a far greater entitlement to damages or compensation.

As experienced motor vehicle accident lawyers, we’ll make sure you receive the maximum payment you’re entitled to.

PMN motor vehicle accident lawyers are here to help

You shouldn’t worry that making a claim for car accident compensation or damages will be too hard, but as the system becomes more complex, getting timely and accurate legal advice is more important than ever .

We’ll deal with the other driver and insurance companies on your behalf and get all the evidence we need including medical evidence, crash or investigation reports, statements from witnesses and anything else that will support your case.

During the entire process you’ll receive regular feedback on how your case is progressing. We’ll do everything we can to negotiate a fair settlement for you or, if necessary, win at trial.

Let us take the stress out of your motor vehicle accident claim. Call us on (08) 8212 3566 or contact us  today.

Don’t delay: There are strict time limits on making a claim for car accident compensation.

Your quick guide to Injury Scale Values

Loss of income: You must receive at least 8 points before you can make a claim for loss of income. Damages paid to cover loss of income have also been reduced from 100% of earnings to 80%.

Pain and suffering: A minimum of 11 points must be reached to claim damages for pain and suffering.  While injuries between 11 and 30 points receive fairly modest compensation payments,  if your injuries exceed 30 points the damages payable can increase significantly.

Voluntary and personal care services:  At least 11 points must be reached to be eligible for these services.  To qualify you must also have been receiving a service for at least 6 hours a week for 6 consecutive months.

Consortium: To be eligible for this type of compensation, a minimum score of 11 points must be reached.

From July 1 2014: Lifetime care support will be made available to anyone who suffers injuries from which they will not recover, regardless of who is at fault.

Our experienced motor accident lawyers will give you the best chance of maximising your points.


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