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SAF-LIFT Overhead Crane Safety

One of the biggest challenges with overhead crane safety is that the operator does not know how much they are lifting.  Can you tell what 10,000 lbs looks like?  If not, then your employees and equipment are at risk.  Every year, people put their lives and their equipment in danger because they are unknowingly overloading their overhead cranes in the name of improved efficiency.  Higher capacity and fewer lifts does not generally mean higher efficiency if it risks damage to equipment or personal injury.

In this overhead crane safety article we are going to discuss methods of mitigating the risks associated with overloading your material handling equipment with the use of overhead crane safety devices.  Not only will this save you countless dollars in maintenance costs, but it may also save your life.

Some common ways to address overhead crane safety concerns include measuring electrical current drawn from the motors, replacing sheave pins with load cells and load displays or installing mechanical wire rope load limiters that cut lifting capacity when a load approaches the design limit of your equipment.  Electrical measurement is effective in some situations but may not pin-point your problem.  Unrelated issues due to mechanical wear or

motor service may be misidentified as an overload.  Load cells are extremely accurate, although somewhat expensive solutions. By far, the most cost competitive, safe and effective way to identify an overload condition is with the use of SAF-LIFT overhead crane safety equipment.

SAF-LIFT features:

  • Clamps onto the dead end of your wire rope without any special tools or training
  • Requires only 5-1/2” of headroom to maximize lift height – industry leading
  • Offers 1NO / 1NC contact to wire in series with lights, horns or “hoist up” contact to provide operator feedback
  • Fabricated from Stainless Steel and Aluminum components to resist corrosion

In summary, SAF-LIFT overhead crane safety devices offer an economical, non-intrusive way to protect against inadvertent lifts that exceed the rated capacity of a hoist.

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