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Read "unedited" article that appeared in the September, 09 issue of International Cranes.

My goal here is to bring awareness to those that believe it won't happen to them! If anyone has additional

information on these or other accidents please email me.

Below are just some of the more detailed, infamous accidents from around the world!

Worthton, 2005 - A Wolff 320BF( Luffer ) tower crane collapsed into another crane during dismantling.

( 2 Deaths, 1 Injured ).

This "common" practice of loosening / de-torquing mast bolts to "finger" tightness (

or less ) prior to

dismantling and or climbing a crane down, and also during assembly, is still going on to this day!


Germany, 2008 - Liebherr collapse due to bolt de-torque during disassembly.

If anyone knows of other similar tower crane collapses due to mast bolt loosening, please email me details. crane accident video


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