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Any maritime attorney at our firm can tell you that maritime safety is a very broad term. It can apply to the seaworthiness of a vessel, the actions taken by a vessel operator to protect those onboard from harm, and the laws that are put in place on the state or federal level to avoid injuries at sea. But while we usually hear this term used in circumstances related to accidents involving seafarers, cruise ship passengers, boaters, or pleasure craft operators, maritime safety is also a term that applies to the protection of the environment .

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Is the Cruise Ship Accident Rate Really Increasing? (Part 3)

As we discussed in Part 1 and Part 2 of our blog series, cruise ship accidents have seemed to occur with greater frequency lately, but

it’s not necessarily because a greater number of accidents are happening. It only appears that way because cruise ship accident and crime reporting has become much more transparent in recent times – something that was propagated by the Costa Concordia capsizing tragedy in 2012.

Sen. Rockefeller has been extremely vital in the fight for improved safety within the cruise industry. Just this past Wednesday, he called a second hearing (the first having been held last year) on cruise ship safety to discuss the fact that cruise lines are not doing their part to drastically reduce accidents and crimes on board ships. Last year, he introduced a legislation called the Cruise Passenger Protection Act, which would require cruise companies to accurately disclose accident and crime reports as well as to simplify the language in passenger ticket contracts, which, as it stands, is extremely difficult to understand. In the very, very fine print, a passenger ticket contract allows cruise lines to avoid liability for many incidents that occur on ships, the vast majority of which result from the cruise line’s own negligence.


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