Accident Claims Calculator

accident claim calculator

Why would you need an accident claims calculator?

You can never be sure what lies around the corner, and when it comes to your health and your safety, you can’t be too careful. Most of us tread a safe path through life, looking out for danger and avoiding putting ourselves into situations where we could be harmed, and luckily for most of us, this strategy seems to work.

Unfortunately for some, the unexpected does happen, and they end up hurt and injured through no fault of their own. Even though they took precautions, kept out of harm’s way and opted for sensible, safe choices, they still got hurt because of someone else’s carelessness.

When this happens, it’s time to make the perpetrator pay you back.

What are the consequences of getting hurt in a non fault accident?

You might think getting hurt because of someone else’s actions is no big deal, but for many victims that we help every day, these types of situations have far reaching consequences. It could be that:

  • You have to take time off work. You lose wages and miss out on training or other key session in the workplace as a result.
  • You can no longer clean your home and cook your meals yourself. You have to get a home helper in to assist you, at great expense.
  • You are unable to care for your children as well or for as long as you used to. You have to pay for childcare or ask friends and relatives to help you out.
  • You cannot participate in your

    hobby. Whether it’s fishing, going to the gym, swimming or playing music, this has a highly negative effect on confidence and can be highly detrimental to overall wellbeing.

  • You can’t drive your car. You must use busses, taxis or other means of transport until you are well again, all of which can be time consuming and expensive.
  • Your confidence is shaken. You are physically well enough to return to work, or drive your car, or go out with your friends, but your lack of confidence is stopping you.
  • You are unable to sleep, suffering depression or otherwise in poor psychological health.

There are many other consequences of being in an accident that you might not have thought of, and when someone makes you go through all this through no fault of your own, it’s time to stand up and say ‘I’m not taking this lying down’ .

So what can you do?

The personal injury compensation system was put in place in the UK to help victims of accidents get something back for themselves. Whether it was a criminal attack, a trip on a poorly maintained surface, an accident on the road or a workplace injury, you don’t have to suffer in silence .

Contact us today, or make use of our free accident claims calculator to see if you are likely to be able to make a claim. We can help you find out whether you are likely to be successful, and our accident claims calculator can even tell you roughly how much to expect. Don’t be a victim, contact us now and put things right.


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