Drink driving accidents

drink driving accidents

Make a Plan and Stick to the Plan!

Passenger Protection Tool

DrinkingAndDriving.Org and Uber are partnering to make sure you never allow yourself to be the Passenger of a drunk driver! If your ride home has been drinking, please please please do NOT get in the car with them. Your first Uber ride is free up to $20 using the DrinkingAndDriving.Org code DADO! Get yourself out of a potentially dangerous situation NOW.

Take the SoberDrivers Pledge

Make a personal commitment to avoid driving drunk as well as to prevent drunk driving by helping others.

Get Our Weekly Prevention Tips

Text the word dado to 51515 and receive weekly drunk driving prevention tips from DrinkingAndDriving.Org. Data fees from your carrier may apply

The DrinkingAndDriving.Org

Video Gallery

MOST people who have had a DUI will tell you that they were STUPID that night! Learn from their mistakes. Don't let yourself wind up in The DrinkingAndDriving.Org Video Gallery! Pick a category and watch some educational vids.

It's our DUI Avoidance Lesson Plan formatted as tri-fold brochures. Print the ones you like and give them to your family and friends. There is also a really cool door hanger to use at your next party.

Local Planning Guides

Resources for Planning

a Safe Night Out

At the bottom of our County Level Statistics and Resource pages is our Local Planning Guide. This is your gateway to services you can use to plan a safe night out, learn more about alcoholism, and get help if you are arrested for drunk driving. Through simple links to whitepages.com, you'll find county-level local listings for the services you need.

Our DUI Avoidance Lesson Plan makes it clear that you need to KNOW YOUR OPTIONS at all times. You want to Make a Plan and Stick to the Plan. Before you party, make sure you know the number of a taxi and where the hotels are. Heck, you might even want to go all out and get

a limo!

Other Drunk Driving

Prevention Tools

These next two links take you away from DrunkingAndDriving.Org, but we are including them because they are that good!

Sober Rides - From TxDOT, works everywhere

Mr. Checkpoint - Get DUI checkpoint updates on your phone

Designated Driver Services

Tools For

Designated Driver Services

Resources and information for the Designated Driver Services industry. If you run a Designated Driver Service, or you want to start one, this page is for you. The centerpiece of this page is an article on starting your own designated driver service.

County Level Statistics and Resources

Our Home Page is dominated by our DUI Arrest Rate Map. This map is actually a report card on the drunk driving habits across the country. DrinkingAndDriving.Org has graded every state and every county in the U.S.A. based on detailed statistics we've compiled on DUI arrest rates as well as DUI-related fatalities.

You can see how many people out of every 10,000 are arrested for DUI in your state by hovering your mouse over it. A link above the map allows you to switch to the DUI Fatality Rates Map where again, you find a similar color-coded grading scheme has been applied to every state and every county.

By drilling down to your County Page, you can see actual numbers of DUI arrests and fatalities in your county across a range of years.

The County Page also features The Penalty Box where you can find out what the DMV/DOT penalties are in your state for DUI.

At the bottom of The County Page is our Local Planning Guide to help you plan a safe night out.

Bob's been stupid too! He's a LOT smarter now, but it was a tough road to sobriety. Bob doesn't want you to drink and drive either. Let him tell you with his own peculiar slant. WARNING: Bob is a comedian. Bob is an adult. Bob may not be safe for work!

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