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Arc Flash, Electrical Shock & Explosion Videos

Electrical accidents happen from either electrical shock or electrical arc flash explosions.  Below are some videos from cameras catching live events as well as staged demonstrations.

You can click on the following link to see all the videos imbeded on one page or click the individual links below to be redirected for each video.  Free Electrical Accident & Learning Videos

Electrical Shock & Explosions Video – Live Accident

The following links provide electrical shock and explosion videos.  Warning:  Some of the content is very graphic.

This electrical shock video shows a man with no protective equipment (not even gloves) getting shocked and a small blast.

Video of Man on Train Roof in India Touches Electrical Power Line .  THIS IS VERY GRAPHIC.  Gives a sense of the great power of electricity and what it can do to the human body.  WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT:

Electrical Arc Flash Video – Live Accident

A few arc flash accidents have been caught live on video.  Below are links to the known video footage of arc flash accidents.

This ExxonMobil arc flash video footage was caught on a security camera while breakers were being racked.

This arc flash video provides a good demonstration of an arc occuring on power lines (with no blast).  This helps give a good image of what an arc is in terms of the energy in a fault escaping to the air.

Arc Flash, Blast and Electrical Explosion Video Demonstrations & Educational

Describing arc flash in technical terms is one thing, but being able to see it’s impact on video is quite another.  Below are some good arc flash and eletrical shock video clips that are staged or educational.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company Arc Flash Testing – This one is nice because it shows the arc blasts in slow motion, damage to the equipment and PPE working against the arc blasts.

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