Fatal car accidents caught on tape

fatal accidents caught on tape

Car accidents happen due to a wide variety of reasons. The intensity of each accident varies from being a minor accident to one that takes away one or more lives. Drunken driving, speeding, losing focus, vehicle problems, vision related problems, and road design are among the major causes of road accidents.  Every year, road accidents cost some 250 billion dollars in injury claims, and leave millions injured with close to 40,000 people dead.  Estimates further point out that at least one person dies due to a car accident every 12 minutes at some place across the nation.  Every driver must have a valid insurance and that helps in covering the cost of most damages.  But, filing a law suit and recovering the damages gets a bit tricky given the complexities involved in determining the liability.

In the context of a law suit for personal injury claims or other claims like damage to property arising from a car accident, conclusive evidence to determine liability comes as a great help.  Every accident however, is not a simple open and shut case.  In instances where the accident itself is caught on tape, it gets a lot easier to present the case before the court and convince the jury on awarding the best compensation possible under the circumstances of the case.

On several instances, fatal accidents have been caught on tape by a motorist who happened to pass by or even a pedestrian who happened to be on the spot and carrying equipment. In modern times, even mobile phones have the ability to record the sequence

of events and these recordings come as a huge help in arraying the evidence. This is not unusual and almost every week we come across instances where fatal car accidents have been caught on tape.

Apart from the accident itself, even the brief discussions with the police officer/insurance personnel can also be recorded and tendered as evidence before the Court.  With the technological advances in modern times, a police officer or an insurance personnel may record the conversations even without the knowledge of other people involved with the accidents. But, the tape can be admitted as evidence before the Court.  These recordings, with or without the visuals are relied upon by the attorneys, the Court and the jury when a law suit arising from the accident comes up for trial.

While most people who have bothered to catch a fatal car accident on tape would turn in the tape to the police, some may not do so immediately. However, there is no guarantee that the tape will not reach the law well in time to make an impact.  Therefore, next time you are in a situation where you need to file a claim for injuries/death due to car accidents, remember to provide all the facts of the accident to your attorney.  If you know that someone has caught a fatal accident on the tape, let your attorney know about it.  Chances are that the tape will strengthen your case though there can be occasions when the tape works against your interests.  Your attorney will be able to analyze the tape and put it to best use.

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