How to Claim Insurance: Car Accident Claims

how to claim car accident

Claim insurance forcar accident victims is one of the most important things to be equipped with these days. With the heavy traffic everyday and events on the road that are beyond your control if you are not careful or alert on the road, you will meet with an accident. You have to be aware car insurance claim questions. The approval of your claim revolves around five elements, namely, your statement, the statement of the other party to the accident’s, the police statement, the witness’ statement and the accident scene.

Secure a Police Report

The first step to claim insurance for car accident victims is to get a police report. At the accident scene, the first thing you need to do is find out if someone was hurt badly. If there is someone injured, dial 911 as soon as possible. If there are no life-threatening injuries sustained, get the attention of a police officer to assess and investigate the accident. Remember that in filing a claim, one of the most important documents needed is the police report.

After the police have assessed the accident and if no one is hurt, the next thing to do to claim insurance for the car accident is to exchange information with the other party involved. When you talk to the person involved, you have to exchange the information needed for the insurance claim such as plate numbers, contact information and insurance company information found on insurance identification cards. These details are essential for both parties to claim insurance for a car accident. These will be used as references and documentation of the claim.

There are always two sides to every story, but it could be more believable if your statement is supported by witnesses. Remember, for you to claim insurance on a car accident, your statement must be reliable. Most times, statements of both parties are not the same because they speak for their own benefits. It doesn’t matter where the accident happened. Whether the accident on the road, a

parking lot or in an empty lot. What is important is that you get something in writing from a third party to back up your story and make it more credible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Even if you are fresh from the accident, while on the scene, call your insurance provider immediately. Most car insurance companies have a 24/7 hot line where you can conveniently call and get assistance wherever you are. You should remember that it is more advisable that you contact your insurance provider even if you are not at fault because your provider will be the one to prioritize you. It is their obligation. The same is true for the other party involved with the accident. Their insurance carriers will protect their interest rather than yours.

After you have accomplished all the necessary steps to claim insurance for a car accident, seek the attention of an adjuster from you insurance company. The adjuster will look at your vehicle and assess the damage. After the assessment, he will come up with an estimate of the damage and the amount needed to repair or replace your car. If your car needs repair and if your insurance company has a preferred repair shop, an adjuster is not needed. Your insurance company will be the one to refer you directly to that repair shop. If you car is totaled, your insurance company or the other party’s insurance carrier will issue a check equal to the market value of your car.

Remember to follow these steps for you to claim insurance for a car accident successfully. In case you are not at fault and a dispute arises between your claim and the assessment of the other party, you can always ask your insurance company to assist you in filing your claim. If the other party does not agree with your claim and you think that it is a considerable amount, it is best to file legal action. Your insurance company should assist with this as well.


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