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Many injuries that are entered into the personal injury calculator online are caused by slips, trips and falls. The personal injury calculator online compiles information on all types of injuries such as cuts, grazes, broken bones, concussion, dislocations and sprains and estimates how much compensation would be awarded if a personal injury claim was made.

There is a correct procedure for dealing with all of these injuries and the procedure for cuts and grazes is available online from reputable sites. The online advice is summarised below.

Personal injury calculator online advice for dealing with cuts

  1. If the cut is minor and not bleeding very much, clean it and cover it with a plaster.
  2. If the cut is bleeding heavily you will need to stop the bleeding. You can do this by applying pressure using a clean cloth, bandage or towel. It also helps if you can raise the cut area of the body to reduce the blood flow.
  3. Apply a sterile dressing. Always wash your hands before helping anyone dress an open cut as you may introduce infection.
  4. Some cuts are serious and should be seen in an Accident and Emergency Department. You should go to Accident and Emergency:
  • If the blood is coming out in spurts. is bright red and can’t be stopped ( it is likely that an artery has been cut)
  • If you have lost sensation in the part of the body that is cut or you cannot move it (possible nerve damage)
  • If there is severe pain. bruising or trouble moving the

    affected body part (possible tendon damage)

  • If there is a possibility of scarring (especially face)
  • If there is a foreign body still in the cut
  • If the cut is big and there is a lot of tissue damage.
  1. In Accident and Emergency you could be treated in one of the following ways:
  • Stiches to close the wound using sterile surgical thread
  • Tissue adhesive glue to close less severe cuts. The tissue adhesive is applied like paint as the edges of the cut are held together. The paste dries and holds the cut together as it is healing.
  • Skin closure strips  – these are placed over the edges of the cuts and hold them together
  • If there is a possibility of infection you may be given antibiotics .
  • You may also be prescribed pain killers

If you are considering making a personal injury claim for compensation because your slip, trip or fall was not your fault you should keep a careful record of your visit to Accident and Emergency. Make a note of any of the treatments listed above that you were given; any medication that you were prescribed and any follow up outpatient appointments that you had to attend. The personal injury calculator online version takes into account the severity of the injury as it is assessing whether your claim is likely to be successful and how much compensation you could get. This value is only an estimate and the amount cannot be guaranteed.


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