Accident claims helpline

accident claims helpline

Accident Claims

Accidents can affect a person in so many ways, from the physical to the psychological to the financial or all of the above. If you have experienced an injury that was not your fault and you have suffered any of the above consequences then you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. We are here to help you; a call to our accident advice helpline will give you the necessary information you need in pursuing a claim.

The very nature of an accident is that it can be sudden and happen at any time. Traffic accidents are a good example of this, either in a car or motorcycle. Accidents can also happen at work or in public areas – we have experience in dealing with claims of all shapes and sizes. Our team of experienced and specialised solicitors are here to guide you through the process of making a claim.

Within our team are groups of solicitors who deal with certain areas. We have a group who handle serious injuries like brain or spinal injuries. We also have a team who handles claims of medical negligence. We can advise on the eligibility of your claim and what the possible compensation might be. We can provide all of this information with a simple phone call which won’t cost you a penny.

There are many reasons to make a claim. An accident can cause lasting physical or psychological damage; it can also lead to financial losses or a necessary change in employment. An injury can change your life drastically; you might be unable to work, or to work in a diminished capacity. You might also need to get some help around the house. There are a whole variety of things that

can change as a result of an accident.

Were you to seek advice early regarding your eligibly in making a claim for compensation, you may find yourself in a better financial position and with more peace of mind. In some cases we are also in a position to get an initial compensation from the party at fault. It is also possible to seek initial compensation from the party at fault to be put towards your recovery.

In order to seek a claim for compensation it is necessary for us to first ascertain that the injuries suffered were in fact the fault of the third party. Once we have established who is legally at fault for the injury, it is then necessary to establish and prove how the injury has affected you physically, psychologically and what financial losses have been incurred.

Proving that the injury was the fault of a third party is often straightforward, though there are of course more complicated situations. We are experienced in handling the simplest to very complicated cases, and we offer professional and knowledgeable advice about how serious the injury might be and what path a compensation claim is likely to follow.

Our experienced and helpful personal injury lawyers will help walk you through the claims process in a comprehensive and simple fashion so as to make sure that you are completely aware of the process. We seek to take as much off the shoulders of our clients as possible, this means that we take the pressure of handling the claim off you and we handle everything.

Some of the most common kinds of accident claims are: accidents at work, car accidents, holiday accidents, slip and trip accidents, military accidents, health and safety claims and medical negligence claims.


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