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Many people fail to realize that they are responsible for safely operating a large and potentially dangerous machine each time they get behind the wheel. Perhaps because so many people take for granted the amazing transportation abilities of automobiles or because they drive so frequently, many drivers routinely exhibit unsafe driving practices. As a result, traffic accidents are common, occurring more than 6.5 million times during any given year, injuring nearly 3 million people. and resulting in tens of thousands of deaths.

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Determining Liability / Fault After a Car Accident

A Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer Offers Helpful Insight

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Over the years, the car accident attorneys at Shook & Stone have handled many different types of auto accident claims. With our experience, we are able to provide answers to all of your questions, questions such as:

View our Car Accident FAQ for answers to these and other common questions.

Injuries in Automobile Accidents

Injuries that occur during motor vehicle accidents range in severity. Whether injuries are mild, severe, catastrophic. or fatal, the party responsible for causing the accident must be held liable. These injuries can result in emotional, physical, and financial damages that can greatly impact all aspects of your life. By filing a personal injury claim, you and your loved ones may be able to recover compensation that can cover any necessary medical treatment or procedures, lost wages and future earnings from the inability to work, and damages that result in a marked impact on your quality of life.

Working with Shook & Stone: Las Vegas, Nevada Auto Accident Attorneys

Client-focused and results-driven, our firm will fight aggressively on your behalf so that you and your family can focus on recovering from your injuries. We also offer free case evaluations and work only on a conditional fee agreement. If you would like to speak with a Las Vegas auto accident lawyer from our firm about the nature of your car accident, contact Shook & Stone today.


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