Montgomery clift accident

montgomery clift accident

Montgomery Clift In Serious Car Accident

May, 1956 – Popular actor Montgomery Clift has been involved in a serious automobile accident that threatens his career.

Currently working on the film Raintree County. and leaving a dinner party thrown by co-star and close friend Elizabeth Taylor and husband Michael Wilding. Clift was at the wheel of a car when he suddenly lost control smashing into a telephone pole.

The nature of his facial injuries are so serious that it is feared he may be permanently disfigured. The near-fatal accident resulted in Clift losing four teeth, breaking his nose, fracturing his jaw, and sustaining a large gash from his nose through his upper lip. It is also believed that the actor suffered serious damage to his facial muscles.

The exact cause of why Clift lost control of his vehicle is under investigation. It is known that the actor

was going through a difficult time in his life and that during the filming of Raintree County he had been discovered walking around at night completely naked and had also had an incident with an overdose of sleeping pills.

Footnote: Tragically, the lingering pain, as a result of these injuries, left Montgomery Clift to abuse both alcohol and pills in an attempt to gain relief. As a result, the actor’s health and appearance would steadily deteriorate until his death.

Montgomery Clift’s post-accident career, and continued substance abuse, would be referred to, in a 1978 Time Magazine article by Gerald Clarke titled “Books: Sonny Boy,” as the “longest suicide in Hollywood history.”

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