Motor accident claim

motor accident claim


A car accident claim is filed when a person involved in the accident wants to be compensated by the other party's insurance agent for the damages that were caused in the accident if he believes the accident was not his fault. This claim will cover any physical damage incurred during the accident, as well as any personal damage to the people inside the vehicle.


Once a car accident claim is filed and your insurance is notified, you can then proceed to have your vehicle repaired at a designated auto shop. Once your car has been received by the shop, an employee will want to engage in a "walk-through" with you, in which you can identify what damage you believe your car received from the accident and what damage or flaws existed prior to the accident. You will face the same type of questioning when seeking medical attention. Medical personnel will want to know about any pre-existing conditions or injuries, as well as what new maladies have sprung up since the accident in order to determine what physical injuries you suffered as a result of the accident.


Often, both parties will file car accident claims against each other. This occurs frequently unless the cause of the accident is clear and agreed upon by both parties. One should note, however, that filing an accident claim does not necessarily mean that your claim will be granted in full. Once both parties give their statements to their insurance agents and those agents compare their versions, along with the damages to the vehicles, fault will usually be assigned to one party, whose claim will then be denied by the other party's insurance agent. Even if the accident is ruled in your favor, you may still not receive compensation for everything you are claiming. Professionals will examine the facts of the accident and the vehicular damage to determine what damage and injuries they believe were legitimately caused by the accident, so it is not advisable to claim additional repairs in the hopes of getting previous dings repaired for free.

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