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Report your cycle or motorcycle accident

It is important that you insist on police taking a report of your accident, even if they try to say you don't need to report it because insurance details have been provided, or your injuries are 'minor'.

If the incident involves another vehicle, even if you think you have all of their details, circumstances can still arise where your claim may turn into a claim which has to be dealt with by the Motor Insurers' Bureau (see What if the other driver other driver is uninsured/didn't stop ). There are strict time limits applicable for reporting in these circumstances, and we therefore advise that all such incidents are

reported to the police without delay, just to be sure you are covered for all eventualities.

Aside from this, if your accident goes unreported, it contributes to the vast under-reporting of all road traffic incidents that goes on. The consequences of this are, amongst other things, that insufficient attention will be paid to cycling and motorcycling safety and the difficulties that we face on the road.

Did you know that cycle casualties are the worst reported of all modes of accident on the roads? A 1996 Transport Research Laboratory study Comparison of Hospital and Police Casualty Data estimated that 8/10 potentially reportable cycle casualties may be missing from police data" [Roadpeace Safety First, Issue 11, Winter 2002].


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