Motor Bike Accident Claims: The Amounts of UK Compensation For RTA Motorcycle Injuries

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Motor bike accident. find out the most common types of injury you can suffer in a motorcycle accident ; how much you can expect to receive in UK compensation (head impact, back injury, arm and leg fractures, psychological damage); why severe injuries are common; and how a compensation calculator determines average payouts for multiple injuries .

Why are you likely to suffer severe injuries in a motor bike accident?

Motor bikes are relatively small vehicles and provide little protection to the rider in a collision.

When hit by a larger vehicle the force absorbed by the motor bike and rider can be immense leading to traumas, such as broken bones and head injuries.

When you suffer severe physical injuries in a traumatic event you will often suffer a psychiatric injury.

What are the most common types of injury you can suffer in a motor bike accident and how much money will you receive for


In the United Kingdom all of your personal injuries must be described by a medical expert in a report if you wish to include them in your compensation claim .

In 2013 the approximate amounts of UK motor accident compensation you could claim for some common types of bike injury, include:

1. Compensation for Head Injuries in a Motorcycle Accident

Motor bike accident

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Despite wearing a protective helmet a head injury is still quite common in a motor bike accident - the amount of compensation you can claim depends upon the severity of your initial pain, the length of time your pain lasts and whether any brain injury has taken place.

Examples of UK head injury average compensation amounts

Minor head injury with pain for a few weeks to a few years will lead to a settlement between -


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