If you were injured in an auto accident, you are likely dealing with insurance calls, medical bills, and possibly a lack of income if your injuries have affected your ability to continue working. Leave these matters to our legal team at the law office of Omrani & Taub, P.C.

We want to help alleviate your legal concerns so you can focus on your recovery. Our firm’s New York auto accident lawyers have represented countless individuals in similar situations to yours. We will apply our legal skills and experience level in pursuit of helping you obtain maximum compensation for any medical needs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages associated with the motor vehicle accident.

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Skilled NYC Personal Injury Lawyer

Call Omrani & Taub, P.C. at 212-529-7848 or contact us online  to schedule a free consultation, if you or your loved one was seriously injured by a negligent driver. We also offer experienced representation to families who tragically lost loved ones in wrongful death accidents.

We are available to meet with you 24-hours a day, and we have investigators on the road, prepared to capture valuable evidence in determining potential liability factors. Our firm’s New York City personal injury lawyers are committed to developing strong claims focused on proving fault and the extent of damages you have endured.

Fighting to Help Accident Victims Obtain Maximum Compensation

At Omrani & Taub, P.C. we advocate for accident victims and families with wrongful death claims. We will use our experience and legal skills to your advantage. Our legal team will pursue maximum compensation based on any current- and long-term implications you have experienced from a motor vehicle accident, such as a:

  • Catastrophic car accidents
  • Truck, tractor-trailer accidents
  • Bus accidents
  • Motorcycle & scooter accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Boat and ferry accidents
  • Pedestrian knock-downs
  • Subways and train accidents Car crash

Our legal team also works vigorously to obtain maximum compensation for families with wrongful death claims. We are committed to helping families secure a full financial recovery for any medical bills associated with the accident, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any funeral expenses.

Contact Us Today — We Charge No Legal Fees Until We Win

Our legal team works on a contingency basis, meaning we charge no legal fees until your case ends successfully. Contact our New York auto accident lawyers online or call 212-529-7848 (212-LAW-SUIT) for a free consultation.


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