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No-fault insurance is a common in some states. No fault means no matter who was at fault, you can receive medical treatment for your injuries. No-fault was designed to absolve the need for the driver of the non at fault vehicle to go after the at fault vehicle for damages which include medical for an auto accident.

What is covered under No-fault insurance in the event of a car accident

Bodily injury-Traditional auto insurance policies allow you to take out liability coverage to cover bodily injury claims from anyone injured in a accident in which you have been deemed at fault. With no-fault car insurance, the bodily injury coverage provided by your policy also includes you. One benefit of having no-fault coverage is that medical claims are paid quickly so you don’t have to wait for a lawsuit before you are reimbursed for money

you would otherwise have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses.

Medical Bills-Medical bills are covered under no-fault. You may find your self in the ER or having to visit the doctor. These bills would be covered under the personal injury protection of the no fault policy. Follow-up care with a no fault doctor would be covered as well.

Lost wages-Lost wages are covered under no-fault insurance in some sates.

What is not covered under No-fault Insurance

Property Damage

-No-fault was designed to pay for the medical treatment of a person who was injured in a car accident. It will not pay for property damage. Property damage meaning damage done to your car in the auto accident. Other portions of your insurance policy covers property damage such as collision coverage.


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