Oilfield accidents

oilfield accidents

Ohio Oil Tanker Truck Accident Results in One Death

It is no secret that the amount of injuries and deaths resulting on the roads from oil and gas tanker trucks is at an ever-escalating rate. As a result of the oil and gas boom across the states, almost all highways and interstates are naturally seeing an increase in traffic of these oilfield trucks carrying the drillings nationwide.

On June 30, 2014, a man from Salt Lake City, Utah suddenly passed away in a truck accident. Driving through Roosevelt, Ohio, Jeffery Hitchcock was merely driving a pickup truck to work when an oil field tanker carrying multiple loads of crude oil struck him. The concrete company work truck that Hitchcock was driving erupted into flames, and regretfully, neither the flames nor the car could be extinguished before Hitchcock was able to escape. Both the driver and the passenger of the oil field truck were left unharmed with very minor injuries, considering the semi did flip.

The Roosevelt Fire Department and Highway Patrol Troopers did arrive on the scene; however, it was too late to save Hitchcock. Another semi later arrived to continue the transportation the crude oil. The accident not only resulted in one death,

but also a highway closure for over 6 hours. The implications of driving on the highways with large tanker trucks are severe, yet their presence in our economy is increasing more and more. There are guidelines and requirements for the oilfield trucks to be present on the roads, and further there are also ramifications if these procedures are not properly followed. Accidents nationwide are occurring with semi-trucks carrying oil negligently and injuring other drivers on the road. There must be a remedy for the presence of the tankers when they impose injury and harm to typical road travelers. Not one life is worth the amount of money the oil transported by the tanker may provide.

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