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This article will examine ten tragic and unbelievable death videos. Many different types of events are included, with some clips showing assassinations, sports tragedies, natural disasters and aviation crashes. The list is Part 2 in a series of List Verse articles that examine the topic. In the original post, many people provided good examples of historic videos that could have been used. This article doesn’t include violent acts of suicide, such as the death of R. Budd Dwyer. It doesn’t show videos depicting violent murder, such as the last moments of American journalist Daniel Pearl’s life.

John Thomson

Date: September 5, 1931

In the history of football, a number of tragic events have taken place on the pitch in which an athlete has been killed. Some notable occurrences include the death of Hungarian footballer Miklos Feher, Cameroonian international footballer Marc-Vivien Foe and Spanish player Antonio Puerta. We will be examining the loss of Scottish footballer John Thomson. In 1909, Thomson was born in Kirkcaldy and grew up in the mining community of Cardenden, in Fife. As John entered his teenage years, he began to stand out as a great footballer. Thompson caught the attention of Celtic F.C. manager Willie Maley, who was looking for a goalkeeper and heard of the young sensation from the east of Scotland.

After playing against Denbeath Star on October 30, 1926, John Thomson signed a professional contract with Celtic for £10 at the age of 17. He immediately stood out as a great keeper. John Thomson was known for his hard-nosed play and was willing to sacrifice his body for the good of the team. His first major injury happened on February 5, 1930, against Airdrie, in which Thomson broke his jaw, fractured many ribs, damaged his collarbone and lost two teeth. His friend Jim Ferguson asked “What was in your mind when you made the goal-saving dive”? John replied, “I had to go for it.”

On September 5, 1931, Celtic was playing their old rivals Rangers at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, in front of 80,000 spectators. Early in the second half of the game Thomson and Rangers player Sam English collided in the goalie box. During the play, John Thomson hit his head on Sam English’s knee, fracturing his skull and rupturing an artery in his right temple. John was rushed to the hospital with a deep depression in his skull. At 5pm he suffered a major convulsion and was pronounced dead later that evening. John Thomson was only 22-years-old. Around 30,000 people attended his funeral in Cardenden on September 9, 1931. Many of the mourners walked the journey of 55 miles from Glasgow. [Video Clip ]

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