Recent Car Accidents

recent car accidents

Don’t Let a Red Light Runner Break the Bank, Call a Car Accident Attorney

When you are returning from the pizza place with your family after a quick bite to eat, you are struck by another vehicle that has just run a red light. Your car is in really bad shape and you and your family are quite rattled. You are rushed to the hospital and while you are in the waiting room you decide to contact an accident lawyer to help you with your misfortune. You can see how quickly the medical bills will multiply with the fact your entire family has been treated for injuries and may need to require more medical treatment. Your daughter has a broken leg and your husband has suffered a tragic neck injury. While you are thankful that you and your family will be alright, you have no idea of how you are going to pay these quickly mounting bills.

The attorney is sympathetic to your situation and meets you and your family at the hospital to quickly help ease your mind and makes a case so that you will not be responsible for any out of pocket costs the day of the accident. While you may be able to be compensated for any fees you pay, it is still money that you will desperately need during the time it will take for you attorney to solve your case and reach a settlement. The hospital can route all bills to the attorney’s office and will help you with any issues you may have for following up on necessary visits and existing treatments.

The Initial Contact is just as Important as the Follow Up

Once you have hired a car accident attorney you will feel a sense of relief and can rely on their service to handle all the

tedious procedures necessary in pursuing a settlement. While the case is being formulated though, any circumstances that may arise needs to be communicated to your attorney. Due to your husband’s injury you are needing to take time off work to take him to doctor appointments and help in his daily care. Unsympathetic to your situation, your employer may decide to let you go and communicating this to your attorney is very important. such circumstances can help in increasing your settlement options and even afford you an advance on your settlement to help with daily cash needs.

Beside spending time communicating with your attorney about arising issues, you will need to supply all information they require quickly to assist in expediting your case. You may not be able to receive a full settlement until your husband’s condition is substantiated and could take several months while your bank is running dry and bills are piling up. The attorney can offer to assist in creating funds for advancement on your settlement which will be processed with your claim. All official documentation needs to be filed as quickly as possible to afford you these accommodations to help you live normally from day to day.

You may be offered a maximum settlement that releases the opposing insurance company from any responsibility beyond the settlement date. You may want to take the option of an early settlement but you have to consider the fact that there may be lingering issues that could also drain your bank account later after you settle and you will be left them with the responsibility of making these payments. You will want the best advice your attorney can offer and they can work to provide settlement options available to you to protect you from such pitfalls. Working with the attorney will greatly increase your settlement opportunities and provide the compensation you deserve.


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