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We received an e-mail not too long ago about the story below that really got me interested. It was about a man finding some difficulties with his claim to the Road Accident fund (RAF). I sympathize towards him because this has been an on-going battle for the last nine years:

“I recently read the story in the Daily Dispatch newspaper about a paralyzed man, Sibongile Ngxakini from the Eastern Cape is in the middle of a legal dispute after having received no payout claim from his lawyer when he was paralyzed in an accident. The accident took place in Mqandull in 1999 and he has been fighting for his money ever since he lodged his claim to the RAF (Road Accident fund) in 2002. Ngxakini had been climbing off a bakkie, which he had been traveling in when it had rolled over him dragging his body along – he was 23 years old at the time. After three years in hospital and treatment, he left to attend his father’s funeral. His uncle helped him to claim from the RAF for the accident as his current situation made things tougher and more expensive.

Ngxakini’s attorney seemed to not want to pay the payout due to him of R720 000 – the

lump sum of R148 000 sent to him by cheque bounced due to it having been outdated. RAF filed a forensic investigation after news emerged of the incident. The Cape Law Society is still dealing with this and no judgment has come forth yet.”

It is terrible to hear of such stories as the above but this is only one of many where people have come across issues with payments from the RAF or during the process – many have not even been brought to light. Some cases are small and others larger as noted above, but all are just as important as the next one.

It helps to have a trustworthy organization behind you – such as RoadCover for example – who will be honest with you even when the outcome is not the best. It is hardly just a fault on RAF. There is a very easily understandable flow diagram on their website detailing how the process should go: the claimant should consult an expert (ie: us at RoadCover) followed by consulting a lawyer who can safely lodge a claim and have it run through RAF and the courts. It is important to lodge your claim as soon as possible rather than wait and risk complications during the process.


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